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Let Us Never Forget Their Faces

The faces you see are not just a number Or a statistic of those fallen in war. They are our brothers, neighbors And friends that we should all adore.  Their names are forever Written in stone. They died for our … Continue reading

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The Answers to Our Problems

I have been studying recently in Psalm 120-123 and writing posts at This Day with God. During the time of  David, people fought against each other just like we do today. Think of the fighting that goes on between religions and … Continue reading

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Thank You God

Thank you God for freedom like an eagle gliding in the sky. Thank you for eyes to see your magnificent creation Like the mountains way up high. Thank you for the ability to hear music pleasing To the Spirit I love … Continue reading

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Adding Quality to Your Faith

Plant Seeds of God’s amazing principles Into the fertile garden of the soul; Producing excellent spiritual food And bringing about believers that are whole.  Applying faith to reach potential And raising us all to limitless heights; Stepping ahead of the … Continue reading

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Following God’s Will

Over the last few weeks, I have been studying Psalm 115-119 and writing posts at the This Day with God devotional. The Psalmist writes about the problem society was having with idols. During his time, the people would rather worship … Continue reading

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Faith Described

Confidence and trust These two are a must Reading often Your Word Is what keeps the heart stirred  Witnesses help profess As we give You our yes The statement of conviction Is a huge benediction  The mountains intensify The vast … Continue reading

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The poem below was inspired by a sermon. The sermon title is “Self-Powered or Spirit-Filled” by Steve Ramsdell delivered on Sunday 04-28-2013 Jesus had risen And afterwards seen Plenty of excitement Then back to the routine  During the long wait … Continue reading

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