Good Things Happen to Good People

At the second feast as recorded in Esther 7-8, Esther request that her life be spared and the life of her people be spared. Esther’s open identification with her people emphasized to the king that it was people close to her that would be destroyed. She approached the king with reverence and didn’t expect too much but the king set in action a series of events that went beyond her wildest dreams.

Haman was someone that had an evil plan against the Jewish people and only cared for his own self- interest. He was impaled on the pole that was meant for Mordecai (Esther 7:10). The king gave Esther the estate of Haman and his evil plan was overruled. A new decree was written to benefit the Jews. There was joy and celebration wherever the edict was read and placed into law throughout the provinces.

Mordecai had been a part of saving the king from assassination and we learn that he was appointed over Haman’s estate. Every successful person is surrounded by people that contribute to their success. As you go throughout this day, recognize those people who help you along the way. Pray for your spouse, your parents, and your children. Pray for those that helped you come to Christ. Pray for those that have brought peace in war-torn parts of the world. Pray that God would use you to work for His glory.

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