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Big Difference in Good and Bad Leadership

History tells us over and over It’s important to focus On what’s in the Bible and not hocus pocus. History tells us the importance of following His plans. Putting things in order and inviting new fans. The Son came to … Continue reading

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The Discipline of a Good Leader

Josiah was king And had this thing; He took action; And it got traction; He worked by the Book; Just take a good look. He wanted peace; He didn’t cease; He followed the Word; The kingdom was stirred; Things then … Continue reading

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Steps to Take

Start each day out right; Each morning see the light. Tell God your need; He will help to proceed. Pray with confidence And expect assistance. Listen for instructions, Then take actions. If plans need adjustment, Pray even more fervent. Know … Continue reading

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Giving Confidence

Good Leaders exhibit confidence Because they know God is there. Fears are overcome As they offer a prayer. Prayer is a their weapon As they seek to do what’s right. They are assured God is helping And ready for every … Continue reading

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Invite and Encourage

We each have a part to play; As we invite others to join; And encourage each day. We help to make choices; Share about the joy; And give a lift with kind voices. The Designer of heaven and earth Cares … Continue reading

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Where Everything Begins

It all begins with Him So before things get grim, Bring things before the Lord And gain the reward. You are God’s Temple, It’s really very simple, So have no excuse And decide to produce. Find a Holy space; A … Continue reading

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Desire to Live the Right Way

Be on the right side of history And desire to live the right way. There are consequences When leading others astray. Ask for guidance; Have a big dream; Cherish your vision; Get help from a team. Make an Impact; Walk … Continue reading

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Building a Strong Kingdom

The ONE who gives rise; To brighter skies; Shines brighter every day; And shows the Way; The Way of the Lord; The Way of great reward; Believing and abiding by; We are the apple in His eye. So armies of … Continue reading

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The Leadership Way

Leaders that reject the way End up disappointed each day. They lead us into a deep hole. They need someone to console. They need to ask the right questions And get good suggestions. They need to respond And then go … Continue reading

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