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Faith Works

Be on guard, work hard, give it a try, and reach up high. Grace brings peace; provides the release. Freedom to win; but no license to sin. Believe and do good; whatever you should. It’s very worthwhile and makes God … Continue reading

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The Crown of Life

Let us be dedicated to the Lord. Let us grow And be strengthened; Let us cherish our soul. Give the Lord our fear. He will return conviction. For the path was found after the crucifixion. Wait for the Lord at … Continue reading

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Look Forward to the Happiness

Look forward to the happiness beyond the darkness. Some will ridicule our belief But their day will be brief. They will doubt the second coming, be very unbecoming. Make light of sin, mock us to our chagrin. Look forward to … Continue reading

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Look Above

Turn your focus to things above and believe the answers are up high. The mind might say give up now, but hope whispers one more try. Christ gives hope and shapes your outlook with promises made  and written in the … Continue reading

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Path to Freedom

Negative habits require no effort and they enslave but good habits require effort. Build up a resistance to negative habits by submitting to Christ and being free from havoc. Corruption and sin is our competition but the Gospel message refreshes … Continue reading

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Lift the Cross High

If distressed by trials or temptations, trust in God to be there; knowing whose side to be on and going to Him in prayer. Read the Bible daily to get the right instruction. Following the wrong way only leads to … Continue reading

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The Pathway Laid is Best Ever Made

Spiritual knowledge is gained from the Word of God ingrained and life experiences or learned lessons. The prophecies come about and the facts leave no doubt that God became flesh; relieving our distress. Teaching the best way to reside and … Continue reading

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The Path

God’s work has laid the path and we just follow the illustration. Responding to God’s love for us; Great effort and inspiration. Increasing positive qualities like faith, self-control, calmness, perseverance, kindness, and love; Mindful of the promise. The promise of … Continue reading


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