Dream Big Dreams

Dream big dreams,
be part of His team,
have a daily prayer
and He will take care.

He will provide sustenance
and all the guidance,
so take the initiative ,
and be appreciative.

A positive future imagine
and it will happen.
His power you harness
to reap the harvest.

Find the meaning of dreams;
A mystery revealed it seems.
Getting advice in a vision
to help in a decision.

Trust but verify
and then clarify
by going to God in prayer
where there is no despair.

He gives direction,
provides protection,
offers a lesson,
Oh! What a blessing.

Give God the credit
in every minute.
Believe in His promises;
His ways are prominent.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-07-2013
Inspired by Daniel Applies His Faith and Gets a Promotion
Photo from Google Images


About Mark Shields

Mark works in the Information Systems Department for an Insurance Company. He volunteers as a member of the media ministry team at his church and runs the 10:50 worship service computer. A few years ago, he started an on-line Bible study guide called “This Day with God Devotional”. He uses this as a tool in his journey through the Bible. We live in a very busy world with busy schedules so this tool has helped him continue with daily Bible reading and study. You’re invited to join him on this journey or check in every so often to read his thoughts.
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