King of Kings

Look for our King of Kings
Don’t worry and see what He brings
He will manage our affairs
He will handle our cares

Grace from our king of Kings
For He is everything
Jesus whose name is supreme
Let us adore our King

Listen to His guidance
Receive His subsidence
Listen to the voice of truth
Share with all our youth

He’s interested in your expectations
Be spiritually influential for all nations
Better families and careers
Many helped by volunteers

Sing a new song
For it will not be long
Sing, Sing, Sing to the One
Who was and is now and will come

Lift up your voice and Sing
Let us praise our King
Praise Him with arms raised high
Lift up your head toward the sky

By Mark Shields – © 3-12-2014
Inspired by This Ole World and One More
Photo from Google Images

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