Getting Closer to God

Source – Goggle Images

Going to You in times of discouragement.
Having an attitude of humility;
Being open to criticism;
Growing and gaining durability.

Going to You in times of discouragement.
Worldly things may taste sweet at first
But ultimately become bitter.
Your Word always quenches thirst.

Words can pick us up;
Words can bring us down;
But Your Words inspire;
And point to the crown.

People are Your greatest creation;
Because we know this,
Let us pray that we treat everyone
Kind, tactful, and wish them bliss.

Going to You in times of despair.
You have power to change a situation.
Listen and hope is what to do.
Going to You for consultation.

We can go to You in prayer.
You can turn times of gloom
Into times of amazement
Like when things bloom.

Your light illuminates the path;
Renews our might;
We will soar on wings like eagles,
We will run and win the race outright.

By Mark Shields – © 3-27-2014
Inspired by Journey Through Psalm 141 and 142
Photo from Google Images

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2 Responses to Getting Closer to God

  1. Professions for PEACE says:

    Your poetry is so inspiring Mark. Thank you for all that you share here and at your ThisDayWithGod blog, generously sharing your love. This particular post of yours is really beautiful, and reminds me of a favorite saying: “When life feels like more than you can stand, KNEEL.” With gratitude, Gina

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