Reach out and Receive the Joy

David knew that he was not perfect
But fearful, stressed and flawed;
Then he asked for God’s help
Was driven by the things of God.

He had confidence in God’s love,
Was eager to serve in His presence,
Trusted His plan for life,
Thought of His uplifting essence.

David thought of past victories over enemies;
That God had been strong, solid, and immovable.
That God was interested in his future
And God’s care for him was irrefutable.

David thought of the possibilities,
Leaned on God in prayer,
Remembered the past,
And what He had done with flare.

Life is short like a breath
Or shadow of one day
So do things that have purpose;
Providing meaning along the way.

Hope becomes reality through prayers
So paint a colorful and detailed picture.
Let God deliver his blessings
As we study the Holy Scripture.

We will give it our all;
Prayer is our greatest power;
Victory will be provided;
Blessings throughout each hour.

By Mark Shields – © 4-03-2014
Inspired by Psalm 143 and 144
Photo from Google Images

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