Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Weekend

On the weekend It’s time to play Not argue with your brain Or put yourself through pain Have some do nothing time Relax a few hours onetime Get yourself a drink Read a poem and think Your brain may say … Continue reading

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Mystery of Prayer

Prayers are like written notes Collected next to the alter of all time Producing great changes upon earth As people work in their upward climb A team going in the same direction Pulling together to get to where they want … Continue reading

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Spirit Fed and Brighter Days Ahead

Many times we accept less than what God can give. We work so hard but do not find happiness in how we live; But why let what we cannot do; Interfere with what God can do. Why not draw on … Continue reading

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Connect with Respect

Gain respect with behavior With hard work and endurance Loose respect with negative actions With negligence and incompetence Some act as though They know everything Thinking they are something But not doing anything They set others up for failure Refusing … Continue reading


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