The Weekend


On the weekend
It’s time to play
Not argue with your brain
Or put yourself through pain

Have some do nothing time
Relax a few hours onetime
Get yourself a drink
Read a poem and think

Your brain may say help your spouse
Or tidy up your house
Or do your workout
Or go out and walk about

Finish a project that’s not getting done
Or needing to go out to get some sun
Doing something that is helpful
That’s truly beneficial

But we all need a day of rest
To get ready to do our best
God rested on the seventh day
Shouldn’t we follow His way?

Take a lesson from my dog
She hops around like a frog
She doesn’t care what day of week it is
She smells around and takes care of her biz

She doesn’t care that the bushes need trimming
Always up early curiously brimming
Every day is like a vacation
Playing outside for a long duration

Looking forward to getting a doggy treat
To looking out the window down the street
Napping in the front room
Looking at the cars go zoom

No guilt or remorse
No worry about the new course
Just relaxed enjoyment
No care of unemployment.

Just protecting family
Living for family
Living to play with a toy
Running around full of joy

Poem by Mark Shields – © 6-26-2014
Inspired by post of Ab-libbed

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