Feed My Starving Children at FUMC Waco

We did a Mobile Pack Event for Feed my Starving Children at my church and it was a fun event for adults and children. Here is a poem that was inspired by the experience.


Feed My Starving Children 2014

Mixing the food elements

A team seeking excellence

Jesus is the One in charge

The numbers are getting large


Jobs for everyone

So we can get it done

Labeling the food packs

Taking it to the max


Carrying boxes full of food

The Spirit within is renewed

Taking what God is doing

And the boxes keep accruing


A body of believers

Like a bunch of busy beavers

Doing our part

From deep in our heart


Complementing one another

All my sisters and brothers

Each providing talents and skills

Providing all these meals


Every member is key

Wouldn’t you agree?

Victory we embrace

What a wonderful place!


It’s a wonderful mission

And we pray for each pallet of nutrition

Knowing we have succeeded

When it gets to where it’s needed


Feed My Starving Video about the Event at My Church 

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