Enthusiastically Looking Ahead to the Victory

Attention on Heaven
Seeing the jubilation
With Christ forever
No more frustration

Just focus on praise and worship
Lots to look forward to
He’s in control of the future
He given a purpose for you

He gives a lift
A beautiful sunset or sunrise
Memories of the past
Or scenery that catches your eyes

Imagine the day when we get to heaven
How wonderful it will be
Keep your eyes on the Lord
And He will set you free

Worship each day
Sing of the Lord’s great love
Live with abandon
Guided from Above

Look forward to the future
Make known to all generations
The great excitement
And grand aspirations

Listen and believe in the voice of truth
In this war between good and evil
Between vulgarity, violence, and vice
And all the upheaval

Be faithful and true
Using the Word of God
Like a double edged sword
To fight against the fraud

The world says give up
Look for pleasure
Live it up now
A life full of leisure

Faith says believe
In a better day
Look forward to more joy
And peace to come your way

The world says
Only one life so live it to the max
The Word of God says
Eternity with Him so relax

The world says to think
In the short term
Truth says to think long term
And in Christ Jesus reaffirm

By Mark Shields – © 8-21-2014
Inspired by Revelation 15
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