A Glimpse of Heaven

We can trust our God
To build a new heaven and a new earth
Peace is the governor
Of this place of great worth

Our hope is real
No more pain or mourning
Righteousness the ruler
He is with us each morning

Remember when
The times were tough
Lots of hunger and thirst
It’s hard to handle that stuff

Look forward to a new place
The walls are salvation
The gates are praise
With no more frustration

Each obstacle is overcome
He knows what He’s doing
He will hold on to you and me
So keep on pursuing

We can act upon each task with enthusiasm
Celebrate the reward to come
We will persevere
The enemy will succumb

Get a glimpse of heaven
A city of precious stone awaits
Gold streets and buildings
Pearls on the gates

God’s light shines
To illuminate the world
He is faithful to His promise
And it will be unfurled

The promise for the future is amazing
Crystal clear river of life forever flows
Providing food and medicine
The weather is perfect and no more woes

He is with us
Praise God with song
Give thanks in all circumstances
For He takes away what is wrong

Think of the Father’s house
Brilliant light shining over us
Plenty of rooms for all
In Him we can trust

The gates are open
Follow the light from His glory
Share with others
About your story

By Mark Shields – © 9-4-2014
Inspired by Revelation 21
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