Completing a Project

StonehengeI took this picture of Stonehenge in 1983. I was a college student at the time and won a writing contest in which the reward was a paid trip to travel/study in London and the surrounding community. Stonehenge was built around 5,000 years ago and is still a mystery today. Why was it built, how was it built, is it a monument or some astronomical observatory? It’s located about 120 miles southwest of London near Salisbury England.

There are lessons to be learned from this mysterious attraction. We know that the stones used to build it were carried for many miles to the location and they weigh tons. It took teamwork to do that. It also took a lot of thinking; use of mathematics and geometry because the stones are aligned with the Midwinter sunset and the Midsummer sunset.

A lesson taught to all
So as to recall
There’s a time for midsummer
And a time for a plumber

A time for midwinter
And a time for a printer
Do what they say can’t be done
And all can be won

Start by doing what’s needed
Then check if you succeeded
And before you know
Your greatness will show

Seek to work together
In all kinds of weather
For many years
With peers and volunteers

You can do more than ever thought
If working as a team is sought
Inch by inch
Everything is a cinch

Give direction for tomorrows
Forget about sorrows
Unify to complete each project
Treat others with respect

Were people made for earth?
Or was the earth made for each from birth?
Every team member is irreplaceable
Each person so valuable

Go to the ONE with information
And get rid of frustration
Go to the ONE with insight
And your future will be bright

By Mark Shields – © 9-11-2014

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