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Stepping Ahead with Faith

We met a challenge today Passionately believing as we ran The world always says we can’t But faith says we can Miracles happen That’s what faith can do One day at a time Our dreams are coming true Asking God … Continue reading

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Nourish the Garden of the Soul

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My Friend that Pushes Me

Having a dog is great for anyone that needs more discipline in waking up early. My Dog gets hungry very early and wakes me up. Once up, I have time to read and study the Bible before I start my … Continue reading

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Tested but not Bested

Sometimes we are tested And it is suggested To use a defense The Word of God makes sense Jesus was tested by the devil But one weapon did dishevel He overcame with God’s Word And a power was conferred No … Continue reading

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A recent poem I wrote titled Weekend was put together into this video made with some software called Movie Studio. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend my friends!  

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Preparing for Victory

Keep it simple And play it smart So God can do The amazing part Shine the light on Jesus Prepare the way Apply the truth And honor God today Take every opportunity to share About the previous generation Of brothers … Continue reading

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