Tested but not Bested

Sometimes we are tested
And it is suggested
To use a defense
The Word of God makes sense

Jesus was tested by the devil
But one weapon did dishevel
He overcame with God’s Word
And a power was conferred

No need to hold back
With God there is no lack
This day with God
Many will applaud

Pray to be set free
Shout with glee
For love flows best
When we have zest

It flows rapidly
And we have liberty
Inspiring bold action
Giving us more traction

Receiving poise through prayer
Giving the enemy a stare
Taking decisive action
It’s all a learned reaction

Taking swift action
Proves our attraction
To every good thing
And gives glory to our King

For going to the Lord first thing
Gives the devil a sting
And provides insight
To everything that’s right

Helping make good decisions
Providing many reasons
To use time well
And a purpose to gel

By Mark Shields – © 10-16-2014
Inspired by Study of Luke 4
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