Get the heart ready
Take in lessons steadily
Memorizing scripture
Becoming a victor

Spending time in prayer
Taking in a breath of fresh air
Being open to His direction
And ready to accept correction

The Word of God placed
In a soul embraced with grace
Is like seed in fertile spot
Flourishing into a banner crop

Receive the ray of hope
Believe in Jesus to cope
And He will calm the storm
Get everything back to norm

When crisis situations come about
Give the Lord a shout
Pray to receive a plan
Execute the plan again and again

We are blessed by the Trinity
Faith is our affinity
Writing about what’s best
Godly thoughts expressed

Doing out of the ordinary things
But giving credit to the King
The miracles happened yesterday
And will again as we pray

See greatness in others
Reach out to sisters and brothers
Help them get rid of the strife
And receive power of new life

By Mark Shields – © 11-27-2014
Inspired by Study of Luke 8
Image Source


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