Good Works

Following the example of Christ
Loving God and then our neighbor
Being determined yet patient
Continuing to put in the labor

Praying for devotion to the purpose
And how to contribute to this aim
A purpose greater than self
For it is Jesus we acclaim

Let us plan like Jesus did
Distribute the workload
Organize a team
Just like Jesus showed

Let us encourage like Jesus did
Helping others to the extreme
To teach and to learn
And work as a team

Like a family unit
We form one part
And each belongs
To beat as one heart

The enemy is evil
Let us work as one
Appreciate and affirm
Knowing we’ve already won

Everyone has tremendous value
Because of His Son
He is the reason
For the good already done

Give glory to God
For every good thing
In the life we live
In the songs we sing

By Mark Shields – © 12-04-2014
Inspired by Study of Luke 9
Image Source

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