Don’t believe in defeat
The future is not bleak
Nothing is impossible
For with God, all is possible

Let us be touched with divine power
And never ever cower
For greatness is released
And His favor is increased

In every undertaking
All the decision making
Believe that we can
And develop His plan

The secret to any feat
Is to have a picture complete
Set it in our mind
Ask God to have it refined

Lighten the load of the worry habit
So to run as swift as a rabbit
Discover the freedom in Christ
For His sacrifice will suffice

Victory is provided
When a person has decided
To accept Christ as Savior
And to change any bad behavior

Our hope as a believer
In being a great achiever
Is to ask the Spirit for direction
And that faith is expressed with affection

To keep thinking of God’s Word
So our hearts are stirred
Planting seeds of faith, hope and love
And asking for help from above

Yielding fruit that nourishes others
And for all our sisters and brothers
God will give us the upper hand
And we will suddenly take command

We will gain the heart of a champion
And many things will happen
Let us picture the activities
And see the possibilities

Let us pray for God’s help
For His Word we have kept
And let us thank Him for the essence
Of His everlasting presence

By Mark Shields – © 01-29-2015
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Here is a link to read more about how to receive the victory in Christ: God’s Plan for Us

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2 Responses to Overcomers

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    This weekend is super bowl weekend. Sports can teach some good lessons of life like teamwork, discipline, and persistence but there is one opponent we can only overcome by accepting Christ as Savior. Even death is defeated for those who accept Christ and while here on earth, we can share this victory with others. I hope you enjoy this poem with these thoughts in mind and have a terrific super bowl weekend!

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