The Know How in the Here and Now

Mount Ararat – Resting Spot of Noah’s Ark

The rains finally stopped
The ark came to a halt
Upon the highest spot
On a mountain top

God gave Noah the know how
And in the here and now
He gives to all who make a request
A live full of joy and zest

So carry out your mission
You might be a musician
In sales earning a commission
Whatever … just have ambition

Use the skills God has given
Praise Him in how you are living
Use God’s unlimited supplies
Follow His plan to be very wise

You can do amazing things
Soar high like eagles with wings
Praying and listening for direction
Carrying out the plan with so much perfection

Praising Him for the resources provided
Giving your attention to Him undivided
Stepping ahead and being devout
Praising Him for the path laid out

By Mark Shields – © 03-26-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 8
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1 Response to The Know How in the Here and Now

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    The rains finally stopped and the arc came to rest upon a mountain top. Noah did not have sophisticated tools that could tell him where he was or how deep the water was but he was able to improvise. He sent out a dove each day until it brought back a fresh olive leaf. He had waited patiently until the time was right and then came out of the ark. This poem was inspired by the amazing accomplishment of Noah. Like Noah, this day stick to God’s plan and bring Him glory. God thinks you are Awesome!

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