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Relay for Life

Relay for Life provides optimism for difficult times through activism. Changing the unbearable into what is more endurable. It brings light into the dark to take away the question mark. Giving plans to overcome the fear, make burdens lighter, and … Continue reading

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Stepping Ahead with Faith

Step ahead into the future To build a better nation Step ahead with faith With no hesitation The lack of faith Gets one off track We may face difficulties But know God has our back He calls us to step … Continue reading

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Keep our Eyes on the Lord

History tells us of societies Going in the wrong direction Trying to make it on their own Losing a spiritual connection The thinking is no need for God To build things on their own Tower of Babel comes to mind … Continue reading

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Power Every Hour

Regular people doing an extraordinary thing Because of the help of our King Being the best we can every day So positive results come our way Discovering a place in this world Making sure His power is unfurled Going to … Continue reading

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The Flood and the Blood

After the flood All had perished Except those with Noah Who God always cherished Then He made a covenant To never flood the whole world The sign of this covenant A rainbow skyward curled A peaceful reminder To take care … Continue reading

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