Power Every Hour

Regular people doing an extraordinary thing
Because of the help of our King
Being the best we can every day
So positive results come our way

Discovering a place in this world
Making sure His power is unfurled
Going to make a big impression
Doing great things in our profession

It may take several generations
To improve these current situations
Transforming societies now
And some day they will say … wow

So let us plant the seeds
By doing our good deeds
And some day it may expand
Into something really grand

God knows each of us by name
Giving us all a specific aim
He is with us in Spirit
And united there is no limit

With us in every activity
Even in our negativity
With us in every thought
To help us connect to dots

So explore, dream, and see
Continue to be free
See a brighter future in the making
Bending but never breaking

Doubt is really inconsequential
So let us use our full potential
Accepting God’s unlimited power
To step ahead in every hour

By Mark Shields – © 04-09-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 10
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