Just Being a Friend

Constantly seek unity
Without impunity.
Humbly seek peace
That never will cease.

Care for others;
This should be our druthers.
Treat everyone the same
And glorify His name.

When making a decision,
Have great vision,
With concern for the well-being,
Of those God is freeing.

Ready for whatever;
To seek wherever;
Working out concerns;
Head on without turns.

Applying biblical beliefs,
Offering words for relief,
We can be the link,
That gets all in sync.

Connecting to God’s power;
For every hour;
For all His people;
As we gather at the steeple.

It may be a child,
Or friend that needs a smile.
With an issue at school or work;
Giving them a perk.

Offering ideas or suggestions,
Helping with their questions.
A great purpose in life
Is helping with their strife.

Not as a great preacher,
Or singer or teacher,
But just in staying,
Being there and praying.

By Mark Shields – © 05-07-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 13
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