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Poise and Joys

Feel confident; For God is with us. He leads us; Giving us a plus. Negatives in our life, Lead only to bad results And down the wrong path; Maybe to damaging cults. But we are protected And led to security … Continue reading

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Fruits of the Spirit – Faithfulness

Led to faith By someone Who shared About God’s Son. Let us keep inviting And continue connecting As the Holy Spirit Keeps on affecting. Being faithful in giving So those in need receive And are so very thankful No longer … Continue reading

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Amazing God

We seek new heights And continue the climb. The impossible becomes possible One day at a time. Our great faith Makes all things workable With our Creator Who is always so personal. We intercede for others; He listens to our … Continue reading

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Fruits of the Spirit – Self Control

The Spirit makes us better; As we work together; Ready to take on stress; And be at our best. Controlling pressures And worldly pleasures. The Holy Spirit in us Providing the big plus. Helping us be aware; Always taking care; … Continue reading

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The Lord Rewards

To the Word of God Is what we have cleaved. Promises Given; Rewards received. Useful for today’s world; Of More value than gold; Benefits our lives now; And as the future unfolds. Lift up voices to God in prayer, Seek … Continue reading

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Fruits of the Spirit – Gentleness

Gentleness makes for peace So that anger seems to cease. It demonstrates wisdom And operates on the honor system. Gentleness produces results, Overcomes and exults. Creates friendships that last Since no one wears a mask. Gentleness communicates caring For relationships … Continue reading

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Trust is a Must

Pray and be patient, Praise God and say wow! No need to rush And want things now. Society is impatient With technology today, Expecting immediate satisfaction To come its way. Desiring the latest and greatest With a few clicks of … Continue reading

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