Trust is a Must

Pray and be patient,
Praise God and say wow!
No need to rush
And want things now.

Society is impatient
With technology today,
Expecting immediate satisfaction
To come its way.

Desiring the latest and greatest
With a few clicks of a mouse.
Wanting an expensive car
And a brand new house.

Buying on the Internet,
Shipped in a matter of days.
Getting what everyone has
Whatever the latest craze.

But in God’s timing,
Things have a way,
To work out best,
To be okay.

The world may say
God is not real;
No need to worship,
What’s the big deal?

The world may say,
No need for prayer
It’s not worth our time
And God doesn’t care.

But history tells a different story.
That with God, all things work out.
By putting our attention on Him,
There is no reason to doubt.

So consult with Him in prayer.
Receive a great vision.
Be at the right place
And make the right decision.

We can count on the seasons
For they always change
And depend on our Creator
For things to rearrange.

Pay attention to our Creator
In so many wonderful ways.
To the times of the year
That inspire and bring praise.

The spring time of memories;
Playing baseball at the park.
Summer at the water park
Having fun into the dark.

To many other memories,
Like the beginning of fall,
When the air is crisp,
And it’s time to play ball.

The smell of pecan pie,
The leaves with color,
Looking at the night sky
And just wanting to holler.

More stars in the sky
Than could ever be counted.
Thinking of the challenges.
Can be surmounted?

Yes, the world tells us
God is not real
And following His ways
Has no appeal.

But as we all get
To the end of each day;
Our soul is soothed
Because God makes a way.

So take quiet walks,
Feel the fresh breeze,
Listen to the sounds of evening,
And put your soul at ease.

For the world tells a lie,
But the Creator of the gentle breeze,
And unique music of the night,
Tells us a truth that frees.

By Mark Shields – © 06-04-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 16
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4 Responses to Trust is a Must

  1. atulkgandhi says:


  2. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    This day with God, let us put our total attention on Him and do things according to His timing. May this poem inspire towards this end.

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