The Lord Rewards

To the Word of God
Is what we have cleaved.
Promises Given;
Rewards received.

Useful for today’s world;
Of More value than gold;
Benefits our lives now;
And as the future unfolds.

Lift up voices to God in prayer,
Seek His guidance,
Listen for the promise,
Have faith in His sustenance.

Visualize how to apply His plan;
Enthusiastically act upon each task;
Overcome each obstacle;
Knock, seek, and ask.

Discuss any burdens
But give praise along the way.
Patiently waiting for the reward
Until the completion day.

By Mark Shields – © 06-11-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 17
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3 Responses to The Lord Rewards

  1. atulkgandhi says:

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  2. Mark Shields says:

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    Poetry simplifies thoughts, crystalizes ideas, and inspires to action. My thoughts after reading in Genesis 17 have been crystalized into a poem. This day with God, be inspired to action; like Abram, seek God’s guidance and patiently wait for your reward.

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