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Kindness Is

Kindness is personal Like the Lord who is merciful. Kindness is vulnerable Like wanting to be accountable. Kindness is thoughtful So that we can be helpful. Kindness is caring And never overbearing. Kindness accepts everyone Like the ONE Who gave … Continue reading

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Unlimited Ability With Humility

We all live on this earth For such a short time But we can take solace In our tie to the Vine. For Jesus did die Upon that Cross And the enemy Was left at a loss. Each of us … Continue reading

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Too Blessed To Be Stressed

God blesses and Takes away our stresses. It is a plan for life To overcome strife. The more we surrender And praise His splendor, He will render Dreams to engender. Never ever doubt But follow the map It’s found in … Continue reading

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The Cross

Because of the Cross, The Holy Spirit is with us today. The Cross is proof; His love was put on display. This day with God, Let us give Him praise, Seek His direction, Joyfully living out our days. Offering our … Continue reading

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Put Him First and Problems Disperse

Life can be one big challenge But with God we can manage So let Him do the leading Proceeding on what we are needing. Having courage to make a stand And following what He has planned. Taking on Issues head-on; … Continue reading

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