Rules We Live By

There are rules we live by
And they are our guardrails;
Found in His Word;
Lighting our trails.

These rules give us
His design for living;
Blessing those who
Constantly are seeking.

These rules lead us
As we grab His hand;
Living by the Word;
Keeping His commands.

These rules are the guide
For each and every decision
As we meditate on His Word;
Or seek a pious vision.

These rules make
The world a better place.
Gives society good standards
And inspire to win the race.

These rules help us
To invest instead of spend.
Aware that eternal treasures
Reward without end.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-10-2015
Image Source
Inspired from sermon of Steve Ramsdell, 07-26-2015

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1 Response to Rules We Live By

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    I enjoy writing inspirational poems and this one is inspired by a sermon at my church. This day with God, share a thought from one of the great sermons you attend in your community or on a podcast.

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