Unstoppable Emotion

When love takes over,
There is inspiration
With much to look forward to
And so much elation.

Knowing there is a reward.
An impetus to work hard;
Making us feel high
And the days just fly by.

Constantly reminded
Of an amazing opportunity.
Aware of the reward;
Feeling a strong unity.

Love is the emotion
That becomes unstoppable;
Things once impossible,
Suddenly become possible.

So surrender your life;
Dare to make a difference;
Set your sights on a new path
The path to significance.

Moved by the greatest love;
A love beyond measure;
Revealed in His Son;
More valuable than treasure.
Poem By Mark Shields – © 09-24-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 29
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1 Response to Unstoppable Emotion

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    In reading Genesis 29, a deal was made with Rachel’s father that Jacob would work for him for seven years in return for being able to marry Rachel. The seven years only seemed like a few days because of Jacob’s love for her. This poem was inspired by this thought of the power found in this unstoppable emotion.

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