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Constrict Conflict

When there is kindness, Compassion is imparted. Communication is important To get harmony started. The help given to others Will be given back So if one is kind, Kindness is given back. Intentions are communicated To meet one another in … Continue reading

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Boldly Step Ahead

Angels will help Boldly step ahead. On this spiritual journey Being daily fed. Learning new things About God and self. Refusing mediocrity; Into the Word we delve. Getting ready for the challenge Of each and every day By going to … Continue reading

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Faith For Everyday Living

      You may not always be prepared For what life may bring your way. All you can do is step ahead With faith for every day. God will pull you through In a time of despair or doubt. … Continue reading

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Great Vision

Following God’s will is the key To a brighter future for you and me. Before every decision, We have great vision Knowing God is in control Leading us to a healthy soul. Our quality of live is improved When our … Continue reading

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God Is Big Enough

With God, small things Lead to big things So that a problem Turns out awesome. We may over think And begin to sink But for every need He helps to proceed. Trust and believe; Then we succeed As small beginnings, … Continue reading

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