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Unlimited Capacity

Reacting to negatives From all the relatives And mistreatment from others And all other troubles Make one ask for help But hope for the future is kept For the Creator Is much greater. So take in the wonder And never … Continue reading

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It’s Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big!! 11/20

Dream Big, Dream Often It’s Meet and Greet Weekend at Dream Big!! Ok so here are the rules: Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post.Reblog this post.  It helps you, it helps me, … Continue reading

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Ripple Effect

The actions of our now Will help to allow A chance to make an impact And keep us on track. Those that realize the need To correct any misdeeds Proceed with activities With great possibilities. Bitterness and Jealousy Can wreck … Continue reading

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Impossible Becomes Possible

By putting focus On our Creator, All things are made Greater and greater. The world wants to tell us That God is not real But the ONE who created All things is to whom we kneel. The rainbows we see … Continue reading

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Through It All

We all face situations At work or the house In which we react With a negative rouse. But we should think it out, Pray for directions And seek a way out Of all bad situations. The best way out Is … Continue reading

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