Ripple Effect

The actions of our now
Will help to allow
A chance to make an impact
And keep us on track.

Those that realize the need
To correct any misdeeds
Proceed with activities
With great possibilities.

Bitterness and Jealousy
Can wreck a great destiny
Destroy a family
And make all unhappy.

Living each day
The disciplined way
Honors God with praise
Leading to bright future days.

Poem By Mark Shields – © 11-19-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 36
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4 Responses to Ripple Effect

  1. nice…
    if you are interested in soulful poetry visit and follow

  2. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    The actions of today can have long-term, far-reaching implications in your living for the future. A disciplined life with attitudes or actions that honor and praise God leads to a bright future. These are some of the thoughts that inspired this poem. Have a great weekend my friends!

  3. Mary Job says:

    So true…bitterness and jealousy. Two unhealthy demons, they take away ones joy and happiness. Never let it take control of your being. We must try.

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