Unlimited Capacity

Reacting to negatives
From all the relatives
And mistreatment from others
And all other troubles
Make one ask for help
But hope for the future is kept
For the Creator
Is much greater.
So take in the wonder
And never go asunder
For there is unlimited capacity
And more than just one galaxy
With each having billions of stars.
So let Him fight your wars
And know that His greatest creation
Are His people that take action
With so much compassion.
God’s people have great potential
And it becomes so very simple
When people ask for His assistance
And want to go the distance.
Their words are pleasing
And there is no teasing.
For words have power
And set faith on fire.
To direct our years
And stop the tears.
They give us support;
Keep us from falling short;
Set us straight when aimless
And inspire us to greatness.

Poem By Mark Shields – © 11-26-2015
Inspired by Study of Genesis 37
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4 Responses to Unlimited Capacity

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    After studying Genesis 37 a while back, I noted how Joseph had a dream about ruling over his brothers and when he told them about the dream, they became jealous. We face the same challenges in current times. The words we use have so much power and it is important to use words that build up rather than tear down. That we use words that support team accomplishment rather than an individual accomplishments. That we use words that explain God’s unlimited capacity rather than our own which is limited. Here’s a poem that highlights these thoughts.

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