My Part of the World

In local news this week, workers have started the process of the Demolition of Floyd Casey Stadium. I had many fond memories of watching games over many years there. Here is a picture of the new McLane Stadium as we walk across the Brazos River to the game.

Walking Across River to Baylor and Texas Game

In other news, it is beginning to look like the old Hillcrest Hospital could be demolished as Hillcrest has decided to move their current rehab work to the newer facility near I-35. Then we heard that the Elite restaurant closed. For almost 100 years, this restaurant near the Baylor University campus had served the community with fine food. Elvis Presley ate there in the 50’s. I have eaten there after Baylor Football games over the years. I also remember eating lunch there back in the 1990’s when a crowd of people formed near the front door. I looked over and there was Willie Nelson with a line of people wanting his autograph.

The lesson for me as I witness the changes in my own community is that we live in a very dynamic world and for a business/team/organization to remain competitive, they must constantly evaluate and have a vision for the future. As we step ahead into the future, I’d love to read about the interesting things happening in your part of the world.


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3 Responses to My Part of the World

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Thinking about things going on in my part of the world today, I find it amazing how the Internet allows us to share with others on the other side of the globe. As mentioned in this post, we live in a very dynamic world and each day God gives us lessons we can apply in our life from the things going on around us. Have a great week my friends!

  2. Robbie Pink says:

    Nice seeing pictures from Texas! I miss living there.

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