My Part of the World

In local news this week in Waco Texas, workers have started the process of the refurbish of  Cottonland Castle. Also, leaders are pushing for a semi-pro baseball team to come to Waco. Another news article that caught my attention is that one of the commercial spots for the Super bowl was for Mars Chocolates and here is an article about the Mars factory that is located in Waco.

The city of Waco Texas went through some public relations or image difficulties because of the Branch Davidian siege in 1993. The city has fought hard to create a better image and the leaders are doing this by discovering their strengths. One of which includes being between two major cities in Texas; one Hundred miles from Dallas to the North and 100 miles from Austin to the South.

The central location of the city within the state of Texas is an attractive part of Waco that is suited for industries that want to locate between Dallas and Austin. Also, the tourism industry within the city seems to be picking up because of this central location. Now we are hearing that a semi-pro baseball team may be added to the sports scene for the area which already includes Baylor University sports.

The lesson for me as I witness the news in my own community is that when going through difficulty, the way to get back on track is by discovering strengths and using those strengths to step ahead.

I’d love to read about the interesting things happening around you. Leave a comment or share what’s going on in your part of the world.

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  1. Mark Shields says:

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    The lesson for me as I read the news in my part of the world is that when we go through difficulty, the way to get back on track is to discover your strength. My friend, God is our strength. Have a wonderful week!

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