Morning Prayer

Discover the Skills or Qualities You are Blessed With

Morning Prayer

There is a calmness
When we learn to let go,
Accept our lot in life
And put God in control.

This day with You Lord,
We put You in full control
For You are big enough
To always protect our soul.

There is strength
In Your promise
Of an eternal future;
Giving us a calmness.

Our greatest strength
Is in being who we are;
Your precious child
Not some real big star.

Because of being Your child,
We have unlimited potential.
So use us each amazing day
To be someone influential.

We go to You in prayer
Even in our imperfections
As we seek to serve You
By following Your direction.

Use our strengths
In our vocation
And everyday tasks
To build a better nation.

You know the strengths
To the world we can bring
So help us follow Your Way
And to You always sing.

Poem By Mark Shields – © 03-24-2016
Inspired by Study of Genesis 47
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2 Responses to Morning Prayer

  1. Amen Mark, and so beautifully inspiring my brother! God bless!

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