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Strength in Prayer

The first component of meeting a need is going to God who helps to proceed. The Bible tells us that we can always have confidence in our future days. Ask for anything according to his will and believe He provides … Continue reading

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Devotion Puts Excellence in Motion

Continue to go forward and always have devotion to the Lord’s steady Way that puts excellence in motion. If life gets discouraging, keep looking forward and receive inspiration daily from His Word. Make a big impression by doing what one … Continue reading

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List of Dreams

For the great mission ahead definitely will be distinct. Be inspired by the high jumper who did not begin at seven feet but starting at a much lower height … maybe four feet and worked their way up to be … Continue reading

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We live in great abundance with opportunities for those even with few which the dreamers of the past thought about but never ever knew. God’s resources are plentiful but His people question so rather than being productive there is always … Continue reading

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