Cultivated Talents

Talents are like seeds
not yet germinated.
Needing assistance
as they are cultivated.

A seed requires light,
heat, and nutrients to grow;
talents require action,
dedication, and gusto.

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Provided is abundance
in an universe of galaxies.
Each with billions of stars;
it seems without boundaries.

Image Source

Although there is abundance
in the world in which we exist,
we must see plenty in ourselves
and be willing to persist.

There is untapped potential
in each and every one
and using your talents to the max
will benefit the world a ton.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-01-2016

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2 Responses to Cultivated Talents

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    This upcoming weekend, know you have talents and believe you can do anything with God who gives you strength.

  2. Janice Wald says:

    Your graphics are amazing and perfectly match the poem.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger! I was his featured blogger too!
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

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