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Perfect Plan

One plan is perfect; God’s plan for everyone; It is an amazing gift; The gift of His Son. His love for us is forever And although there is sin, Christ died for us To renew us again. God’s plan is … Continue reading

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Seize the Moment

There are certain points Within a close game When an individual Either makes a name For the team or Has to take the blame. In the game of baseball, It may be when a runner Is in scoring position And … Continue reading

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The Story

You are not selling An item for consumption But you are telling A story with gumption. It’s your passion And if you do what’s right, You will be rewarded With a future so bright. Like this story of a Sprinter … Continue reading

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Giving the extra effort Will make the difference In being just average Or gaining significance. There will be obstacles But remain resolute By going the extra mile And letting God’s Word take root. There will be critics But remain determined … Continue reading

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Mission Focused

With each new step You prayerfully chose, Good plans are written And confidence grows. For plans not accomplished, Adjustments can be made, Attitudes changed, And new ones weighed. To finish a quest You have desired, Determination Is always required. Sometimes … Continue reading

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The Fire Within

Desire is the drive Helping victors rise To overcome And win the prize. Even though told They will not win, They find a way From strength within. Desire from within Tells the champ It is possible And they revamp. They … Continue reading

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