Full Potential

As I was growing up, my Dad and I would spend time together in the back yard learning how to hit a baseball. My Dad taught me how to hit left handed first. He knew that lefties have the advantage over right-handed pitchers because the curve ball is not as effective. He knew it would be easier for me to naturally hit right-handed if I wanted to and be a switch hitter. This thinking helped tremendously throughout my career in little league, in high school, and in college. The poem below was inspired by these memories.

Stepping ahead smartly
Is essential
Along with hard work
To reach full potential.

Playing baseball
As a young lad
Batting left handed
With help from dad.

Lefties have the advantage
On a right-handed pitcher
That’s the reason for
Being a switch hitter.

The breaking ball
Is not as effective
So the batter
Can be more selective.

The lesson learned
And the key to success
Is creating advantage
In a smart process.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 06-07-2018

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1 Response to Full Potential

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    In life, accepting God’s guidance gives advantages as we start by going to Him in prayer and planning out a wonderful day. Asking Him to help us reach our full potential for His glory.

    In business, the company with the best computer system and process to get the work done has a great advantage over their competition.

    In sports, a team looks for advantages over the other team. In situations toward the end of a baseball game, the coach will change the pitcher because the next batter hits left and if he puts in a left handed pitcher, his team will have the advantage.

    The poem below was inspired by these thoughts.

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