Give and Be Blessed

The reason for giving
Is to share in service
To people in need
And fulfill a purpose.

Out of love of the Lord
We give our best
As love overflows
So others are blessed.

Generously feeding souls
With thoughts of plenty
So the treasure accrues
In the hearts of many.

Doing the Lord’s work
With a passion
Fulfilling a purpose
Beyond imagined.

Using time, resources
And the desire to share
With those in need
And our choice to care.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-23-2019

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1 Response to Give and Be Blessed

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God and commented:

    This poem is inspired by 2 Corinthians 8:1-15. The motivation for giving should be to share in the service of the Lord’s people. Giving should be out of the love of the Lord that overflows so that others are blessed. This day with God, generously feed souls and ask that doors be opened so your treasure accrues in the hearts of many and fulfills a purpose beyond what could be imagined.

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