The Amazing Happens with Faith

What is greatness and how does it happen?  Especially when there are difficulties we face daily … a family member is sick, a rough day at work, trying to balance work, home, and school work. When we face these difficult days but still have faith, that’s when the amazing happens.

One of these miracles inspired lyrics to the great song by Alabama “Angels Among Us”. The song was written by Becky Hobbs and Don Goodman. Hobbs survived a car accident after she felt her guardian angel had been looking after her. She had been getting premonitions leading up to the morning of her birthday on January 24, 1986 when the songwriter had another premonition.

 “A force took a hold of my arm and took me out into my front yard,“ she recalls. “I looked up at the January sky and asked, ‘What? What is it that you’re trying to tell me? And a deep masculine voice told me ‘Be careful. This may be your last birthday.’”

Hobbs had the same ominous feeling when she was riding home after a show where her band had performed. It was a rainy night and they came up to a four-way light. Because of the premonitions, she was on alert and noticed an 18-wheeler barreling towards them.

“At that moment our light turned green and I felt our driver take his foot off the break,” she continues. “In that second I got that same premonition and I yelled out to our driver – his name was Randy – Randy to stop.”

At this link is the full story: Link

Here is the song by Alabama “Angels Among Us” which was inspired by this amazing story: Link

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