Great Inventions

Thinking back 30, 40, or 50 years ago, you could not work from home like you can now. There were no virtual meetings and logging into systems to do our work from home was unheard of. From the Lunar Module of 1969 that transported Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to land on the moon to personal computers, amazing devices and innovations of the past 50 years have given opportunities for great success. Young and old need to hear about the good things of the past and have hope, be optimistic; to dream and discover.

The personal computer was not invented by Apple, IBM, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates but by John Blankenbaker from his garage in 1971. Cellphones came along in 1973 invented by Martin Cooper. Then, in 1978, the idea of social media was being developed by Ward Christensen and Randy Suess who shared text-based information long before Facebook and Instagram took this idea to the level it is today.

The field of astronomy was advanced by the Hubble Space Telescope which was launched in 1990 and has allowed scientists to peer into vast corners of the universe. In the medical field, mapping of the human genome in the 2001 by scientists Francis Collins and Craig Venter led to a new era in the effort to prevent and cure diseases.

In 1996 two students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin unveiled the beginnings of Google that assisted in on-line searches for documents on the World Wide Web.  In 2005, a video-sharing site was developed by PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim called YouTube.

Now, think of the future. What do you see happening 20 years from now? The past may have been amazing but there are amazing things left to be invented in the future. Already, we are seeing new devices hooked into the Internet. Millions of machines hooked in together. Everything from cars, to automated machinery, to home products are being linked into the Internet to help make them run better. They are helping us make better decisions and be more productive as a society.

Being developed for the future are electronic sensor pens that digitize everything you write. It will save notes written on a piece of paper, a sticky note, or wooden surface into a smart phone or computer. Other items being developed include wireless light bulbs, scanners for determining composition of foods, and sanitizing wands to clear areas from germs.

What will be the next generation of artificially intelligent home assistants like Amazon Echo? Will they be used to perform conversational tasks like screening calls and making restaurant reservations? What will cell phones look like in the future? What will future apps be able to do?


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