Growing Together in Faith

 The world has a way 
 Of making you feel 
 Not very good
 Like what’s the deal

 Not quite good enough
 Without any skill
 Causing stress head ache
 Needing some advil

 Destroys confidence
 With a mental drain
 Physical hardship
 Plenty of pain

 But faith in God’s Way 
 Brings competence
 Adds confidence 
 As a consequence

 So get nourishment
 For the inner soul
 Where the true King lives
 And makes you whole

Poem by Mark Shields – © 01-28-2021

Inspired by “This Day with God Devotional – Growing Together in Faith

Photo – The English take their gardens serious. This picture was taken at Hampton Court in England. We also need to take serious the inner garden of our soul. Taking care so that what is unseen is also beautiful and seen on the outside with acts of kindness. This picture is a garden at Hampton Court which is a royal palace near London.

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1 Response to Growing Together in Faith

  1. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God – A Spiritual Journey and commented:

    The unique assurance of the new covenant affects our mind-set so the effect is the elevation of creative ideas for helping others and in ways to encourage others by releasing the kind words living in our hearts. Let us grow our inner soul together.

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