The Next Generation

Moses began
To hand off leadership
To Joshua
Whom he would equip.

So should we in time
For our relations
Hand off what we know
To the generations.

Learning from others 
And their experience 
Helps all in life 
Much like college. 

But doesn’t compare 
To when you hear it
And receive the help 
From the Holy Spirit.

If feeling stuck,
God gives traction
So you can get to your 

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-07-2021
Inspired by
“The Next Generation”
Photo – Taken December 2019 of my dad on the far left along with his grandchildren and great grandchildren. The greatest resources one can hand off to future generations is our values.

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2 Responses to The Next Generation

  1. So true brother. We have an obligation to equip the next generation. Thanks for making this real with your writing.


  2. Mark Shields says:

    Reblogged this on This Day With God – A Spiritual Journey and commented:

    Stick to God’s plan for you and bring Him glory. If you feel stuck, God will give traction so you can get to your destination. Read this poem as you step ahead this day.

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