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The Way of Jesus

Many challenges We face each day But they are met By following the Way. Doing what’s right And living the real life; Not the made up one That causes so much strife. So internalize Each principle Taught by Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Keeping Others in Mind

Large crowds followed Beside the lake As He taught the Way, People started to awake. Awake to His teachings Of being kind, Always patient, Keeping others in mind. Having an impact In who we become; Learning the Way From the … Continue reading

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An Hour Provides the Power

This day with God, Give Him an hour And He will provide Amazing power. To warm your heart For every day With a brighter future Coming your way. You may feel down, You may feel worn out, You may feel … Continue reading

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The Flowing Stream of Grace

The flowing stream That springs from above Comes to heal the soul Out of His Love. It is called grace; The ever flowing stream That keeps going, Coming to redeem. For everyone Is important So never judge … even Inadvertent. … Continue reading

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