With God by your side,
All is possible
So step ahead 
To the impossible. 

Broaden potential
And just do it
By using the power
Of the Holy Spirit.

By accepting Jesus,
Receive this resource
To go faster … further
With an amazing force.

Pray for direction,
Plan out details,
Gain momentum
To blaze new trails.

Do not worry,
You will have all you need
And there is nothing 
To limit your speed.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 10-20-2022

Photo – Taken in Germany while traveling along the autobahn highway system which allows a driver to go as fast as they want. When we are in God’s will, it is similar to being on the autobahn with no limits to where we can go and how fast we can get there. The photo was taken in 1986 as I traveled through Europe with a high school buddy. We had just graduated from college and took the opportunity to travel through Europe for a few weeks. 

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2 Responses to Unlimited

  1. Great poem brother. Love this:

    “Broaden potential
    And just do it
    By using the power
    Of the Holy Spirit.”


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