Store Up Thoughts That Inspire

Lake Tahoe
In following God’s Way,
There are things to tweak
For the Spirit is willing
But the flesh is weak.

So I aspire
With passion and fire
To store up thoughts
That always inspire.

Rather than searching 
For things to acquire,
Submitting to God’s plan
Is what I desire.

Praying like Jesus,
Removing obstructions,
And stepping ahead
Following instructions.

With God by my side,
There is great strength
Along with peace
That comes at length.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 11-03-2022

Photo – Lake Tahoe reminds me how the water collects from rain or from melting snow to create this amazing lake. In the same way, by praying each day we can replenish our soul with instructions, with encouragement, and with confidence that we can fulfill the purpose God has for us.

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2 Responses to Store Up Thoughts That Inspire

  1. Thanks for the great poem this morning. Love this:

    “With God by my side,
    There is great strength
    Along with peace
    That comes at length.”


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