Sunset on the Year

With a hope … a wish,
The year begins to sunset
So aspire to go further
To places not dreamed of yet.

All that is required 
Is a mission
A clear vision 
With ambition.

For you have unique
Talents … abilities
Out … and … out potential 
With possibilities.

So take in knowledge
About whatever
Be it art or science
And put it together.

With new thoughts that fill
Your mind even more
And new discoveries
Never dreamed of before.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-29-2022
Photo – Sunset over Lake Waco
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2 Responses to Sunset on the Year

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  2. Great year end poem! Thank you for your faithfulness in posting your articles and poetry. They are an encouragement to me.

    Love this:

    “All that is required
    Is a mission
    A clear vision
    With ambition.”

    Jesus has given us the mission. All glory and honor to Him.


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