The Boomerang Effect

The lesson for me in Judges 9 is that there can be a negative boomerang effect for unkind and selfish desires so we constantly need to ask ourselves if we are following God’s Word or if we have our own ambitions that go against the ways of God. Respecting others and living a life of kindness toward others is never wasted. It will wear well for a legacy that will be remembered in a positive way. Take the poem below as an affirmation in how you live.

Getting what I want
Can boomerang,
But doing what God wants,
I’ll go out with a bang.

Selfish motives,
Being unkind,
Leads to trouble,
And gets me behind.

Things start to happen,
I lose my composure,
And then there is  
A hostile takeover.

But following God’s Way,
Things work out fine
As I respect others,
And live a life that is kind.

For kindness to others
Always will propel
To a higher level
And wears well.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-09-2023
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2 Responses to The Boomerang Effect

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  2. Brother Mark, great poem.

    I really love this:

    “Getting what I want
    Can boomerang,
    But doing what God wants,
    I’ll go out with a bang.”


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